Neutron Technologies LLC is a young company created in 2018 to solve the problems of commercialization of scientific and technical achievements. An industrial complex was launched, provided with the necessary technological and control equipment and highly qualified personnel. There is also access to a resource base for testing manufactured products.

Today Neutron Technologies LLC solves a wide range of problems related to scientific instrument making, design and manufacture of non-standard equipment. Our own sputtering production allows us to produce mirror coatings with specified characteristics and neutron optics.



Neutron Technologies LLC together with Finpromatom LLC carried out sputtering of the largest neutron guide system in Europe with complex adjustment of triple sections, and also assembled and commissioned the cryogenic complex.


188301, Leningrad region, Gatchina district, Gatchina city, Orlova roshka microdistrict, d. 1 k. 11, pomesh. 208
+7 (985) 367-6743