Neutron optics, mirror and super mirror reflective coatings

“Neutron Technologies” LLC has extensive experience in manufacturing mirror and super-mirror coatings at its own sputtering production with magnetron sputtering installations (with magnetic and non-magnetic magnetrons).

Production capabilities allow the production of multilayer nanostructured coatings with m up to 5 for neutron supermirrors of different types (the m parameter characterizes the reflectivity of the mirror coating).

The following materials are used for layer deposition: Ni, NiMo, Ti, Zr, TiZr, TiZrGd, Fe, Co, CoFe, Si. The size of the glass substrate is not more than 500×500×20 mm3.

“Neutron Technologies” LLC carries out quality control and assembly control of neutron-optical components, as well as inspection of finished products.