Equipment for cold neutron sources and cryogenic piping system

“Neutron Technologies” LLC offers the development of equipment for cold neutron sources, as well as the development and assembly of cryogenic pipelines.

Cold neutron source (CNS) is used for application of cold and ultracold neutrons in various fields of science and technology. Liquid deuterium at a temperature of 20 - 25 K is used as a moderator.

One of the elements of the CNS  assembly is a vacuum container. A vacuum container is a sealed vessel with a vacuumized inner volume, inside of which a cold neutron source is placed.

The cold neutron source complex also includes a thermosiphon. The thermosiphon includes a CNS chamber that can be designed for a specific cold neutron source.

A special feature of the CNS chamber is the presence of double walls, the internal volume of which is filled with liquid deuterium, as well as gaseous helium, cooled to a temperature of 20 K, circulating between the walls.

“Neutron Technologies” LLC together with “Finpromatom” LLC successfully completed a project to assemble an CNS stand with a vacuum container, a thermosiphon and an ISR chamber for the RK PIK NRC "Kurchatov Institute" - PNPI in Gatchina. Additionally, a cryogenic pipeline system for supplying liquefied gas was developed and assembled.

Equipment for cold neutron sources and cryogenic piping system