Neutron monochromators based on single crystals

“Neutron Technologies” LLC has the ability to manufacture monochromators based on single crystals.

Monochromator is a device that focuses neutrons onto the sample in the vertical plane. Monochromator crystals are fixed in crystal holders of the focusing device, which allows changing the radius of curvature of the monochromator to focus the beam in a vertical direction. The device is mounted on a turntable for movement.

A monochromator is an integral part of research instruments.


- Crystals for monochromator: pyrolytic graphite (PG, HOPG), silicon (Si), copper (Cu), germanium (Ge), Cu2MnAl alloy;

- Crystal size - up to 50×50 mm;

- Crystal thickness - 2-3 mm;

- Crystal mosaicity - 0°- 1°;

- Wavelength - from λ = 0.9 Å to λ = 5 Å.



Neutron monochromators based on single crystals