The Superconductivity Division has years of expericene in developing and producing superconducting and cryo-magnet systems. Over 300 superconducting magnet systems were developed during the Division history, which were used for solving wide array of tasks in more than 100 institutes all over the world. Along with superconducting magnet systems, different types of superconducting devices have been researched and developed. The Division has a lot of experience in producing large-scale current leads for particle accelerators, thermonuclear synthesis and general eneregetics. Superconducting magnetic separator for both mining industry and waste disposal facilities, including radioactive wastes management, is under development at the moment.
The video shows the production of superconducting magnetic systems. Different production stages can be seen along with wide arrays of machines and tools specific for manufacturing of superconducting magnets. A number of superconducting devices produced since the early days of the Superconductivity Division is show: from vintage to modern.
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