Position-sensitive thermal neutron monitor
LLC "Neutron technologies" developed the two-coordinate thermal neutron detector (Monitor), which is designed to visualize a direct passing beam and measure its intensity with minimal neutron flux distortion.
Мonitor settings :
• the size of the sensitive area of the detector is 100 × 100 mm;
• spatial resolution in both 4 mm coordinates;
• operation at neutron flux density up to I = 108 cm2 · s-1;
• transmission of thermal neutrons is 95–98%.
The advantages of the monitor design:
• long service life, which is provided by the use of special technology of manufacturing a package of electrodes;
• extremely low sensitivity to gamma radiation at a level
of 10-7 – 10-8 allows you to measure effectively in conditions
of strong gamma background;
• integrability – the monitor can be used as an independent
measuring device, and work as part of a measuring system;
• compactness – the thickness of the Monitor along the beam
does not exceed 60 mm;
• the standard recording electronics of neutron detectors
is applicable.
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