Polarizing devices
High performance Fe/Si supermirrors are employed to the polarizing supermirror devices. The characteristics of the coatings are:
  • Fe/Si polarizing supermirror with high reflectivity up to
    m = 5.5, polarization approaching 100% (Fig. 1)
  • highly reproducible large scale fabrication
  • approved long-term stability and radiation resistance
  • low internal stress
These enable for various kinds of devices:
  • V- & Z-cavities - single-/multi-channel
  • reflection polarizers
  • benders
    • conventional & solid state
    • reflection & transmission
    • S-type - conventional & solid state
  • radial benders for wide angle polarization analysis
In addition Neutron Technologies produces dedicated focusing arrays for Heusler monochromators.
Fe / Si polarising supermirror
Spin dependent reflectivity and polarization of a Fe/Si polarizing supermirror m = 5.5
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