Neutron Choppers
Disc Choppers
  • Servo or magnetic bearing drive
  • Single or dual disk configurations
  • Disk diameter up to 700 mm
  • Symmetric or asymmetric cut-outs
  • Speed up to 20,000 RPM for symmetrical cut-out disc
  • Speed up to 15,000 RPM for asymmetrical cut-out disc
  • Neutron tested transmission
  • Transmission down to 10-8 is achievable
  • Possibility of neutron guide integration in common vacuum space with Chopper housing
  • Ability to park the disk at any angle within ±1 degree
  • Operates in vacuum of 10-2 mbar or better
  • No cooling necessary in conditioned environments
  • 10B / Gd2O3 coating
Beam Chopper
  • Custom design
  • Variable speed and diameter available
  • 10B / B4C / Al / Cd absorbing layer
  • Absorption neutronically tested
  • Calibrated in neutron beam
  • For beam testing and TOF analysis
  • Control electronics with phase control
  • Vacuum / air conditions
Servo Drive System
  • Advanced control algorithms provide phase control of the system to 99% repeatability ±6 µs at 50 Hz (i.e. within 0.040 n degrees of alignment with its windows on each revolution)
  • Ability to park the disk at any angle within ±1 degree
  • Integrated frameless brushless servo motor, on the shaft allowing high speeds to be achieved
  • Up to 12000 rpm
  • Withstands 3.5 Mrad of gamma radiation dosage level
  • On board vacuum control is available
  • On board vibration control is available
  • Remote/Local control
  • Operating software is available
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